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BKL Advises Ministry of Knowledge Economy on Research of Method to Improve Acts Related to National and Industrial Standardization


The national and industrial standardizations are basic and general standards used not only in the industrial field but also in various other economic and social fields including the construction, health, environment, etc. Accordingly, the national and industrial standardizations are essential to promote innovation in industrial technology and to improve industrial competitiveness and contribute to the development of the national economy through simplified and fair trade and rationalized consumption. However, current Korean laws related to the standardization (i.e. Framework Act on National Standards and Industrial Standardization Act (“Acts”)) are inept in establishing and disseminating rational and proper industrial standards in terms of the system and operation.

In this regard, Korean Agency for Technology and Standards under the Ministry of Knowledge Economy (“KATS”) requested BKL to conduct a legal research on the measures to advance the Acts in April 2009. The Firm has successfully completed such research task and submitted the results thereof at the end of September, 2009.
In the course of the above research service, BKL made some necessary amendments to parts of the Acts by systematically reviewing them and contributed to the formation of a system whereby the proper standards can contribute to the overall national development.

The advisory team of BKL consisting of Attorneys-at-law Tae Chul KWAK and Han Gil JOO and Foreign Legal Advisor Sung Ho KIM provided legal advisory services for the amendments to the Acts in close cooperation with the Standards Related Task Force Team of the KATS.

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