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Professional Detail

Yonghyeon KANG
Attorney, Senior Advisor
Attorney Yonghyeon KANG is a partner in Bae, Kim & Lee LLC (BKL). His practice focuses on litigation involving constraction, real estate, finance, and management rights dispute.

Prior to joining BKL in 2001, he worked as a judge for 21 years: He started his career with Seoul Civil District Court (currently, Seoul Central District Court) in 1980 and retired from Seoul Central District Court as a presiding judge in 2001. His successful exemplary cases as a BKL attorney include: management rights dispute between SK and Sovereign Global Investment and other important civil litigation cases; Saemangeum case; a criminal case involving the principle of fruit of the poisonous tree. In particular, in the latter two exemplary cases, he successfully defended his clients before the Supreme Court’s full bench, and received a favorable judgment (in the Saemangeum case) and a reverse and remand decision to the effect that his client was not guilty (in the criminal case involving the fruit of the poisonous tree principle).

Mr. KANG taught civil attorneys’ practice at Judicial Research and Training Institute, and seminar on civil law at Seoul National University Law School. He co-authored Notes on the Civil Act, Commentary of the Civil Law, and Commentary of the Law of Civil Procedure. He has experiences serving as a president of the Korea Association of the Law of Civil Procedure, the Association of Korean Civil Judgment Enforcement Law, and the Korea Association of Criminal Case Studies. In addition, Mr. KANG serves as a director or auditor of several non-profit foundations, including Dongcheon Public Interest Foundation, a BKL’s non-profit pro bono affiliate.