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Professional Detail

Il Young CHO
Il Young CHO is a partner of Bae, Kim & Lee LLC (BKL). Prior to joining BKL in March 2013, she worked at courts for 21 years: She started her career as a judge in 1992 and then worked at various levels of courts including Seoul Central District Court (judge), Seoul High Court (judge), Supreme Court (research judge), Incheon District Court (presiding judge in administration division),and Seoul Administrative Court (presiding judge in tax division). In particular, while serving in the Supreme Court as a research judge (presiding judge in charge of tax team), she handled important tax cases; while in Seoul Administrative Court, she wrote and edited a book about tax litigation practice.
Based on her experience and expertise, she wrote many papers on tax law. Her practice focuses on: consultation regarding tax cases, tax appeals (including request for adjudication) and tax litigation, and administrative litigation. She is a non-standing member of Central Administrative Appeals Commission of Korea.