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Professional Detail

Seok Rim CHOI
Attorney Seok Rim CHOI passed both bar examination and higher civil service examination in 1998. After completing the Judicial Research and Training Institute course, he started his career with the National Assembly Secretariat (NAS) in 2001, which was a first for lawyers in Korea. Then he worked at Legislative Office of the NAS (as a legislative officer), Legislation and Judiciary Committee (as a legislative researcher), National Assembly Research Service (as chief of Administrative and Legal Team and chief of Legislation and Judiciary Team), Planning and Coordination Office of the NAS (as an administrative management and legal affairs officer) for 13 years. During that period, he not only handled legislation and budget-related tasks—such as drafting laws, reviewing budget and closing of account, and evaluating bills—but also took charge of jurisdiction disputes and administrative/civil cases related to the National Assembly.
He is a member of the Research and Analysis Support Committee of National Assembly Research Service and a member of the Administrative Judgment Commission of National Assembly Secretariat. Based on his experience in the National Assembly, he handles tasks related to the National Assembly, such as legislation, and advises and represents clients in connection with overall administrative legal matters, including administrative regulation and judgment.