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Professional Detail

Byung Kyu CHO
Byung Kyu CHO is a partner and a member of the Construction Team. His practice focuses on litigation, arbitration, and consultation. Based on extensive experience in civil, commercial, and criminal litigation cases and in defending large companies/organizations, he now represents and advises clients in cases involving general civil/commercial matters, construction, antitrust, entertainment and sports.
In particular, he is well versed in settling disputes among lender, developer and builder and disputes over environmental damage from construction, such as sunshine, view, noise, dust, etc., and giving consultation on desirable methods and procedure for conducing projects like home building, city development, and city planning. In addition, he has knowhow in the area of redevelopment and reconstruction since he settled many disputes related to that area.
As for the area of antitrust law, he has experience in unfair trade activities, M&As, and subcontracts. For example, he handled administrative suits for clients who had received corrective actions in regard to unfair collusion, unfair trade activities, and business combination. With such extensive experience, he actively defends clients and their legitimate interest through advising and representing them.
In addition, to prepare for the increasing importance of oral pleading/jury trial in litigation procedure and to fulfill the role as a lawyer to pursue the public good, he actively participates in Association for Research on Civil Participation in Trials where other judges, prosecutors, lawyers, and law professors participate with the same thought of pleading and hearing-centered legal procedures. Previously, he was a member of the Group of Litigation Support Lawyers managed by KRX Market Oversight Commission and helped investor victims.