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Professional Detail

Wee-Soo HAN
Attorney, Senior Advisor
Wee-Soo HAN is an attorney . Based on 26 years of work experience as a judge [including his military service period (as an advocate judge)], he mainly handles tax disputes and administrative and constitutional litigation. He also deals with general civil/criminal litigation.
He worked at Seoul District Court as a judge, Judicial Research and Training Institute as a professor, and Seoul Administrative Court as a presiding judge. Since joining Bae, Kim & Lee LLC in 2008, he has won many lawsuits such as tax, administrative, and constitutional suits. He was a member of National Human Rights Commission of Korea, the president of Korean Society for Media Law, a legal advisor of National Tax Services and Korea Customs Service, and a member of Central Administrative Appeals Commission. He is an expert in tax, administrative, and constitutional suits. He wrote many papers and was appointed on the recommendation of the Chief Justice of the Supreme Court.