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Professional Detail

Wook YOO
Wook YOO is a partner and head of the Legislative & Regulatory Consulting Team. His practice focuses on legislative consulting, environment, defense industry, and North Korea.
After joining Bae, Kim & Lee LLC in 1993, he handled administrative litigation for five years. And then, for another 10 years from 1999, he handled corporate matters, such as Samsung Automobile’s M&A. From 2010, as head of the Legislative & Regulatory Consulting Team, he advised the National Assembly, the government, etc. on legislation.
He organized the Defense Industry Team in 2012 and took charge of advising on defense industry. In the same year, he also took charge of the Environment Team.
Meanwhile, he organized the North Korea Team in 2002, and since 2003, has advised relevant government organizations and companies, including the Ministry of Unification and Hyundai Asan, on legal matters related to South-North economic cooperation, such as Gaesung Industrial Complex and Mountain Geumgang.
Currently, he is an advisory committee member of the National Court Administration, the Ministry of Unification, etc.