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Professional Detail

Yong Rak SUNG
Senior Advisor
Yong Rak SUNG is a senior advisor of BKL that engages in legislative and regulatory consulting and advice. He usually handles matters relating to request for examination of administrative measures, administrative appeal, audit and inspection of public institutions, etc. Prior to joining the firm, he worked at the Board of Audit and Inspection of Korea (BAI) for over 30 years as inspection official responsible for inspection in major government administration areas such as tax, request for audit, national defense and finance, head of Planning and Promotion Management Office, inspection Commissioner and acting Chairman. Currently, he is giving lectures and providing advice on the Act on Prohibition of Illegal Requests and Bribes, etc., handling compliance-related matters at the firm. He is also performing advisory consulting services for institutions and companies subject to audit and endeavoring to contribute to creation of transparent public offices by giving lectures regarding public service ethics at public officials training institutions.