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Professional Detail

Jae Woo SONG
Attorney Jae Woo SONG is a partner and a member of the Construction Team of Bae, Kim & Lee LLC. He advises and represents clients in real estate and construction matters. His practice area also includes real estate development projects and private investment projects. He provided legal advice on private investment project for building the first section of subway line number 9 as well as general legal advice on the overall construction and contracts in building the subway No. 9. He also advised and represented clients in large-size cases, involving private investment projects and construction dispute (e.g. private investment in Yongin light rail line, and Kyungin Canal Co. Ltd.’s private investment project). He is a lawyer specializing in construction and real estate matters.He graduated from Korea University Law School and completed the 27th Judicial Research and Training Institute course. He earned an LL.M. degree from University of Southern California.